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Tobin Harris

Managing Director

Leeds, United Kingdom



Tell us a little about you as a person?

Hi 👋🏼 My name is Tobin, and I run a moble app development agency called Pocketworks. I live in North Leeds and am the father of two energetic young girls. I love learning, mainly through reading about sales, marketing, software, agile, design and product management. I'm creative at heart, so I'm drawn to things like Photography, blogging, playing the guitar, and songwriting. Recently took up Kayaking!

Now tell us a little about your business?

Pocketworks is an app development agency that launched in 2012. As the founder, my goal is to help people avoid the all-too-common app #fail (99.9%). In order to help organisations succeed with apps, we relentlessly challenge clients whenever we can. Is your straetgy solid? Is the budget right? Are you setting yourself up for long-term success? It also means we apply powerful methods from Design Thinking and Agile, such as user research, guerilla testing and quality practices. We're constantly evolving to increase the odds of our clients winning with mobile.

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