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Nicola Rylett - Jones


Cardiff, Wales, UK

The Nicola Rylett Group

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Tell us a little about you as a person?

Here is a little information about me.

The fun stuff

I am a straight-talking Lancastrian girl who loves nothing more than ‘doing up’ beautiful furniture for my houses in France, stretching myself to always learn something new and helping you feel equipped with the skills you need to achieve things you’ve never achieved before, no matter what’s gone before.  As a goal orientated and mission focused business owner with many fingers in many pies, I am a dedicated habit maker. I made a firm decision four years ago to create a life for the long term, a future to always be excited about. You can bet I have a plan of how to get there.

Outside of work I have an interesting collection of hobbies. Some years ago, I passed my advanced professional “Personal Training” diploma, so whether getting out into the river on my body board/ SUP board or doing some running and swimming training ‘I’m desperate to complete a triathlon’. I am always doing something physical and never really sit down.

I love to host dinner parties but never cook, that’s my husband’s job. Another weekend pleasure is sitting and relaxing with some sewing or cross stitch.

Like many of you I enjoy adventure holidays with previous trips include dog sledging and snowmobiling in the Arctic Circle, safari in South Africa and camping in the Egyptian desert. May be, just may be in 2022 we can dream of doing those adventures once more.

I also adore

·        French sparkling wine, the smaller the bubbles the better

·        The Great Outdoors

·        Dancing round my kitchen (Let’s be honest, I’ll dance anywhere)


The formal stuff

With well over twenty years’ experience working in the science, technology, medical education, media, financial services and publishing industries, Nicola Rylett – Jones, an Executive coach on the Welsh Gov Accelerator Growth Program has held both Regional and National Director roles with some of the UK’s most prestigious organisations.

As well as owning and running several businesses, Nicola is Trustee and ‘Deputy Chair’ of The Institute of Leadership and Management, and a Non-Exec Director of Swim Wales.


Currently supporting the change, development, and growth programs of several organisations. Nicola demonstrates a proven track record in building effective and efficient organisations that act. Specific areas of expertise include

·        Advising, coaching and mentoring organisations on realistic and practical growth plans; assisting them to develop with effective sales, marketing and business strategies to increase the organisation’s long-term financial resilience. 

·        Assisting teams develop sound commercial acumen to grow their organisations and see the true value in their ideas, products or services.

·        Facilitating the implementation of strategic process.

·        Mentoring and coaching leadership skills.

·        Brand development which establishes true vision and values for the organisation.

·        Business development and lead generation activities. 

Now tell us a little about your business?

Inject Some #NRG Into Your Business

And Watch It Transform

We help SME business owners who want to {re}establish clarity on their business direction. 

Our consultancy creates a more driven and positive working environment that inspires both the owners and team to act and add value to the business. Unlike other business consultants, our approach doesn’t use a set template or framework. We develop tailor-made coaching, workshops and training programs that align individuals to the business purpose and goals. 

By injecting NRG into the business, it enables the development of strategies and action plans that focus on real, cultural transformation helping a business to compete more effectively and deliver business success. 

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