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James Hall

Success Coach

Leeds, United Kingdom

James Hall Coaching


Tell us a little about you as a person?


I’m a talkative Yorkshireman who loves a good old natter!

Chatting to people is what I do!

There is nothing better than listening to my clients and asking them questions to get clarity on what they want and then listening to them later share back their updates. I really enjoy it when I get to see them so happy with the successes they achieve - they always make me smile.

I love to play golf, go walking, watch sports (a lot)and spend time with my family all which involves a lot of chatting!

Hopefully I will have a chat with you soon

Now tell us a little about your business?

I work with business managers, company directors and business owners who call on me when they:

  • are seeking an exit plan from their current role

  • have built a successful business but now want to work less and make mor time to do things for themselves

  • feel overwhelmed that their business is getting on top of them - they are always working in it and never get time to develop their ideas or pursue opportunities.

  • want to grow the business and take the next step forward but….

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