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The Bigger Pitcher - After Party

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Leeds Digital Festival

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Fri 30th Sep / 2 – 3pm

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You've seen "The Bigger Pitcher" (or you wanted to) and now you want to talk to one of the hosts and the co-fos of Meeow about how your pitch can be better (or about anything else!). So!, join us here for a follow up event to end all follow-up events. Join in, get involved and we'll see you there!


No agenda, just bring your best self and have fun!

About your Host

I'm one of the co-fos of Meeow and a networking and community building fanatic. I love to bring people together and created Meeow to do just that. Ask me about anything to do with networking, entrepreneurship or sales.

I probably know someone who can solve that problem you've got and if I can help, I will.

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