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The Perfect Cheeseboard - A Debate

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Mon 3rd Oct / 6 – 7pm

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The Perfect Cheeseboard - Is there such a thing? Join me to discuss all things fromage and how we put them together to create cheesy nirvana.

Do you like crackers, bread or do you go naked?

Grapes, pickled walnuts, an apple or a bit of membrillo? What's your accompaniment of choice?

Does Branston have a place in civilised society?

We'll sort all these issues out and more besides.


As long as it's cheesy, it's in!

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I'm one of the co-fos of Meeow and a networking and community building fanatic. I love to bring people together and created Meeow to do just that. Ask me about anything to do with networking, entrepreneurship or sales.

I probably know someone who can solve that problem you've got and if I can help, I will.

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