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Sales is FUN! Taking the ick out of selling.

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Most of the world thinks sales is a dirty word. Most of the world feel nauseous at the very thought. #

"I'm NOT a salesperson!" is the battle cry of the sales-phobic.

Well, they're all wrong. EVERYONE is a salesperson and everyone needs to be able to sell at some level.

So, come and join me to work out how you can sell easily and with confidence and banish the ick for good.


There's no formal agenda for this session.

Bring your sales problems and we'll sort them out. Questions? I'll attempt to answer them for you.

About your Host

I’m one of the co-fos of Meeow and a networking and community building fanatic. I love to bring people together and created Meeow to do just that. Ask me about anything to do with networking, entrepreneurship or sales.
I probably know someone who can solve that problem you’ve got and if I can help, I will.

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