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The Marketing Clinic is in session


Got an issue? with your marketing? Maybe your messaging isn't connecting? Or you're not getting the right tye of engagement? Or your emails are blowing like tumbleweed?

If you want to talk it through to get a different perspective, come along to the marketing clinic. It's for everyone - seasoned marketing professionals to solopreneurs winging it through. We've all got something to offer.


  1. Intros

  2. Issue 1 (5 mins)

  3. Discussion (20 mins)

  4. Issue 2 (5 mins)

  5. Discussion (20 mins)

  6. Wrap up and learnings (5 mins)

About your Host

I'm Kate - marketing comms professional, mum of 2, avid reader, eclectic music-lover, and personal development junkie.

Based in Yorkshire, I'm a globalist at heart and I'm looking to meet likeminded people who want to talk about life, business, and everything in between.

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