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How does Meeow help you find new opportunities every day? Well, it’s all down to brand new thinking, and tech you haven’t seen before…

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Meeow’s a lot like Linkedin really. You’ll have your own profile, which you can add as much to as you want. It’s always good to keep your profile up to date, as parts of it will be displayed to other users during your Meeows (a Meeow is a meeting by the way).

Example Meeow profile summary.

Find the Meeows that interest you most

You can meet the people who have shared interests and needs by choosing from our collection of subject and location based Meeows. So if you’re keen to meet people in the Tech industry or who operate in particular area, you can.

You don’t have to book ahead, you can actually click to network at the time a meeting you’re interested in is starting, but booking ahead will attract other bookings. Each Meeow tile shows how many Meeowists have already booked that Meeow.

Find your favourite Meeows!

4 people... no limits

1000s of people can network at the same time on Meeow, but you’ll be matched in groups of up-to 4 to spend 45 mins.

4 people in a meeting is the best number to learning about each other, giving ideas and support, and make introductions to people you know.

A grid of 16 tiles with a person's profile picture in each.

How can an infinite number of people network in groups of 4?

At the time your Meeow is due to start, click the button in the popup or on the calendar to enter the Gathering Point.

An example Meeow card with a 'Network now' button. The current time shows 1:59pm and the event is due to start at 2pm.
A visualisation of the gathering point with lots of people pooled together.
A timer shows 2:03pm. The people in the gathering point have now been split into groups of 4.

Who hosts your meetings?

The beauty of Meeow is that it handles all the functions a host would normally perform for you at a networking meeting.

With a guided presentation clock for each attendee, permission based screen share and self-drive break-out room handling at the end of your 45 min meeting, it's all there for you.

A laptop screen showing 4 people engaged in a Meeow.

Unlimited repeat!

Book and attend as many Meeows as you want, to continually build your network and keep your opportunities flowing.

It's time to start building your network

It's so easy to become out newest Meeowist and start to meet new people today.

Let's start your Meeow journey now.

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