Why's 4 the magic number?

Let founder Simon Glenn enlighten you.

A Meeow is an online video meeting, created by a user, on a subject they're interested in and scheduled for a specific time. Up to 3 people (who the creator probably doesn't know yet) can book onto the Meeow to talk to them about that subject.

I love Meeow as I can jump into a networking event whenever I have a spare minute
Anna Iveson, Wordistry

Create your own conversations

Do you have a burning question you want to ask? Do you have a new idea you want to share with people who could help you? Do you have a passion you love talking about, with like-minded souls? Well you should create your own Meeow and find up to 3 new people who want to talk to you.

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Meet new people talking on subjects that interest you

With Meeow, you can search for the subjects you love, find the people from around the world who’ve created Meeows on those subjects, and book on to talk to them, in groups of no more than 4.

You could find the collaborator of your dreams, get a nugget of advice you didn’t know you needed, or make a new friend at the other side of the world!

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Build your network anytime, on-demand

Now there’s a way of meeting new people, making new connections and finding new opportunities every hour of the day.

With the worlds first on-demand networking, you can click once at the top of any hour and Meeows AI will match you with the best people for you, who’ve clicked to network at the same time. Either book ahead to attract people to your chosen timeslots, or click whenever you’re free to network. The choice is yours.

A woman stands smiliing next to a calendar full of on-demand networking.

AI powered, to introduce you to the right people for you

Every time you attend a meeting on Meeow, our AI engine, AI-ME (pronounced Amy) learns more about you, helping her to introduce you to more and more of the people you want to speak to.

2 people lean out of computer screens which face each other. They are shaking hands, making eye contact, and smiling.
I've created a Meeow to talk to small businesses about their HR issues, every week! It's great to help out.
Sarah Gardner, 20/20 HR

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